Friday, August 27, 2010

Stripes: The Mystery Circus at FringeNYC

Come and see Sarah Hayward in the final performance of her solo show, Stripes: the Mystery Circus at FringeNYC. It's this Saturday at 7:15pm at Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce St., West Village.
In Stripes: the Mystery Circus, people-pleasing Pollyhymnia, who will do anything to get into the circus. She brazenly re-invents eight iconic circus acts including: The Escape Artist, The High Wired Act and The Bittersweet Bearded Lady. Secret theories, mysteries and Leonard Cohen are just a few of Pollyhymnia’s passions. In this metaphysical musical, Pollyhymnia finds her way through song, memories and sheer determination.

"Stripes: The Mystery Circus benefits from an engaging performer and a unique premise…What ensues is a series of songs, stories, and comic bits that aim to show that life is a circus, and we're all performers in striped costumes…."    Meredith Lee, Theatermania

Check out more about Sarah and her NYC adventures in Sarah's blog or on her website!

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  1. I saw the play. It was great. The physical comedy was niceto witness. What really blew me away was the "two-headed woman" and how Sarah made it seeem as if the other person is someoen she is literally strippping away. That took great skill. I am an actor myself ad I fely jealous that this woman made all these characters so distinct...all coming from her! I laughed a lot. The singing also cool!