Friday, October 30, 2009

East Village Eats!

No New York neighborhood is complete without some fabulous restaurants at, well, every corner. Here at the East 4th Street Cultural District, we are blessed with some great eats bookending this cozy block.
Phebe's, 361 Bowery, is a great bar & grill eatery that has great burgers, wings, fish 'n chips, and always delicious ales to quench a long day's thirst. At the other end we have Cucina de Pesce, 87 East 4th Street, a tasty and reasonably priced Italian restaurant. They have great lunch and brunch (weekends only) deals and you'll never be disappointed with a visit there. Caddy-corner to Cucina at 84 East 4th Street, Belcourt brings you a fabulous little french cafe with a killer brunch menu and happy hour deal.
So on East 4th Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave, we have a little something for everyone to munch, slurp, gobble and delight their taste buds with any hour of the day. And if you stop by the block, be sure to take a stroll and see all the shops and theaters to make 'dinner and a show' a must-do for your weekends.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Photographer with a Soft Side for the Block

Brian Rose has an affinity for East 4th Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave. He used to live on the block and even worked at Cooper Square Committee for a period. On his blog, he recently posted an item about East 4th Street, remembering his experiences on the block as well as congratulating Cooper Square Committee on their 50th anniversary.

Rose is a photographer and uses his blog to show the parts of New York that strike him as interesting and compelling. We at Fourth Arts Block wanted to share his work and his attention to this block so that you could enjoy someone else's view of the East 4th Street Cultural District.

Rose's attention to detail and his appreciation of the simple, smaller aspects of New York come through in his photographs of stoops and sidewalk graffiti. He is able to find the grandiose in the niches of this city and for him to show his interest and appreciation for our block is appreciated. So check out his stuff and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salsa Workshop starting This Friday!

If you want a surefire way to warm up in this cold weather, sign up for Teatro IATI's Salsa Workshop. This workshop is meant to teach you all the basic salsa moves, beginning with individual steps and working up to basic partnering techniques.

Plus if you sign up now, you can get $20 off the regular price of $160 just by using the code word FAB at checkout. Just go online to FAB's website, click on the FAB Deals, and get yourself some steamy salsa classes. The workshop will meet from October 30-December 18, every Friday from 6:00PM-7:30PM.

Adolfo Vázquez studied ballet and choreography in the world famous Ballet Nacional de Cuba, where he became the youngest choreographer ever to create ballets for the company. After leaving his natal Cuba, Mr. Vazquez started a very successful career as choreographer and dance teacher in Spain, Mexico, and the United States where he resided for the last 25 years.

He has choreographed for dance and theater companies all over the world, like DanzaHoy in Madrid, Danza Contemporánea in Mexico D.F., Puerto Rican Dance Theater and Repertorio Español in New York. He received the prestigious ACE Award for "Cuentos Negros" which he wrote, choreographed and directed Currently Mr. Vazquez is dividing his time and creativity between New York and Rio de Janeiro where he is creating the Salsa School Dance Group.

It's too good to pass up, so sign up now and get the FAB Deal you deserve.

A Blog We Love (and you should too!)

Earlier this month we participated in OpenHouse NY which was really great. So many people showed up to take tours of our block and to learn about how the East 4th Street Cultural District (and FAB) came to be. We appreciated being a part of the weekend so much that we started checking out their blog. Now we just can't get enough!

openhousenewyork is devoted to the architecture and design of New York City, and works hard to enhance knowledge and appreciation for the buildings surrounding us, old and new. They also promote the education of engineering, design, planning, and preservation to create a discussion about the place that we live in.

What's so great about OHNY's blog is how it makes design accessible, in little blog bits. They'll talk about specific buildings, post photos of some great hidden places to check out, and, most recently, discuss the benefits of plastic wine glasses. Essentially, OHNY is a great way to stay in touch with the urban design and architecture changes happening in the City, and we can't get enough!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

East 4th Street voted Best Block in NYC!

The Village Voice was gracious enough to award the East 4th Street Cultural District as the Best Block in NYC! We on the block are doing our little victory dances because this block is awesome. It's no secret to us who spend our time here all the fun there is happening on the block, and now you can get in on the good times too.

If you go to Fourth Art Block's website, you can check out all the events happening on the block as well as information about the restaurants and local businesses housed right here on East 4th Street, between Bowery and 2nd Ave. And, you can even get some discounts if you look up FAB (shopping, eating, drinking, theater tickets, the list goes on!).

And we weren't the only lucky ones to get some attention from the Village Voice, our neighbors at Plantworks received the Best Plant Shop award. Recycle-a-Bicycle, a company we recently collaborated with to bring our ArtUp exhibition "Cycle", currently on display won Best Way to Reincarnate Your Two-Wheeler.

As you can plainly see, the Lower East Side is a place to be. Come see for yourself, and soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

East 4th Street: Perfect Date Block

Finding love in the city is no easy feat. But when someone's struck by Cupid's arrow on East 4th Street, we can't help but want them to have romantic success. For example, this fine young man had a missed connection at our very own KGB Bar, so we thought we'd help his search a little more.

Read his post from Craigslist here. Do you know who he's searching for? Is it you? If so, contact him and come see a show on our block! What better place to have a first date than the cultural district that brought you together? We can even plan your date for you:

1. Grab a fabulous and affordable meal at Belcourt.
2. Go see a show with the 2 for 1 tickets from our very own FAB Tix ticket booth.
3. Grab an after-show drink at KGB Bar.

Success is written in the cards for that evening. Whether you're on your first date or celebrating your 45th wedding anniversary, the East 4th Street Cultural District is a date location you don't want to pass up. Check out all the options at FAB's website to plan the night of your dreams.