Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Vintage Street Festival!

Fourth Arts Block (FAB) just wanted to spread the word and the love about the Hester Street Market!

Time Out, rightfully so, has given the Hester Street Market a large print spread stating that the
Hester Street Market has been voted as the best vintage market in NYC!!! Check out the full article here.

The Hester Street Market is filled with all kinds of unique and fashionable treasures and FAB is excited to be tabling there this Saturday (07/17/10) from 11am to 2pm. At our table we will be distributing information about local art programs, FAB Passes and selling tickets to shows happening this weekend to the best theater in the East Village. Like tickets to FAB's innovative theater group NY Neo-Futurists show Too Much light Makes the Baby Go Blind.

The Hester Street Market is the perfect summer stop this weekend. If you are looking for some shade come to Hester Street. It is the shady (as in staying out of the sun!) place to be! The market is teeming with friendly vendors who are selling a wide variety of goods from: bikes/bike repairs, raw and organic food, unique and intense ice cream, natural body lotions and oils (they smell spectacular), stuffed animals, vintage clothing, tables of jewelry and much, much more!

For the small size of the space given to the market it is crammed with a large amount of exciting things, making this your one-stop-shopping experience for the weekend!

And if that is not enough there is usually a DJ playing music as well and a ping-pong table with a nearby misting tent! So come eat, drink, shop, cool off, play ping-pong and shake your groove thing in the Hester Street Market this weekend! One stop for cool excitement!

If you stop by, come visit me at the FAB table where I will be eating a delicious Mexican ice-pop from La NewYorkina.

Hope to see you there,
Matt Elliott

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Influencial Neo-Futurists

Playwright Adam Szymkowicz interviews Neo-futurist Kevin R. Free and Kevin gives us some insight into the workings of the Neo-Futurists and how it has helped to set him on his present path.

"Q: You worked with the New York Neo-Futurists. Tell me more about them?

A: I am still an ensemble member of the New York Neo-Futurists, FYI. I am taking a break for a while, but I could go back in 2011.

Everything I know about myself as a writer, I learned first as a Neo. We don’t play characters and we don’t ever pretend onstage. Because we acknowledge the audience as part of the show, the show is visceral and immediate and dangerous, when we get it right. The show to which I am referring is, of course, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes). We write and perform all the plays and most of them are under 2 minutes. The plays are so in the moment that many people mistake the show as improv (but it aint). Anyway, I discovered when I started writing as a Neo-Futurist, I discovered that I had a lot to say – about myself – but I never really wanted to say it. A Raisin in the Salad: Black Plays For White People is actually an expanded, extrapolated piece that started as a series of plays in Too Much Light…"

Read the full interview here.

Thanks Kevin or “Kay-yuh-vee-yin” (as us southerns pronounce it like Kevin kindly tells us in his interview)! This is a fantastic reminder of the impact and innovative work that the neo-futurists are having on many actors'/playwrights' lives. Helping the world of theater to become a foundation for artistic self discovery. A step in the direction of a shift in theater!

The Neo-Futurists are one of the members of Fourth Arts Block and we are proud of their ability to foster such creative and unique voices. Thanks for all you do Neos! You sure know how to bring out the best!

Come be see other Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind with the Neo-Futurists by stopping by the East village this weekend and every weekend.

Thanks for keeping it fresh on a hot summer day!

~Matt Eliott