Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Something New Everyday

FAB's office was just graced by a representative of this really cool organization, No Longer Empty. They organize and host public art shows in vacant storefronts and properties. They are also a non-profit company dedicated to renewing neighborhoods in New York City via "high-caliber art installations with accompanying programming to the public".

No Longer Empty is planning to have their upcoming exhibition in the neighborhood and we're looking forward to helping them in any way possible. As we get more information, we will update what is going on, but as for now we can simply look forward to having even more art in the LES.

Their upcoming show, Cartoons in Conflict is their fourth major show and will be opening December 10, 2009 at 6 West 26 Street with an opening reception at 6PM. This show focuses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and how cartoonist from all over the world have chosen to depict this situation. RSVP to events@nolongerempty.com and be sure to check this out!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Want Your Stories!

We at Fourth Arts Block want you to give us your favorite Lower East Side/East Village Experience. What is it that you love about these neighborhoods? Have you seen art on this block that has inspired you as an art maker? Do you have a fond memory that shows the diverse nature of the people and places that make these neighborhoods still vibrant? Let us know!

Please email us your stories at info@fabnyc.org and we will post them on our website! Sharing your stories and experiences will help others see all the great things this very special area has to offer. You could even help your favorite coffee shop get some new business, so let us in and don't keep this area a secret.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tamar Rogoff has a blog that's pretty Faun-tastic

"Diagnosis of a Faun" is a show that will be presented at La MaMa E.T.C. from December 3-20. This show will combine the faun and it's interaction with the world of medicine. The faun moves through different relationships with medicine, hospitals, humans and nymphs to find the relationship between art and medicine.

The creator of this show is Tamar Rogoff and she is chronicling her creative process of this work in her blog. Gregg Mozgala is an actor who has been working with Rogoff for over a year and a lot of what Rogoff has gotten in terms of movement vocabulary is based on Mozgala's experience with Cerebral Palsy. There are some cool blog entries about working with Mozgala in a movement-based way. It's great to read Mozgala's experience of movement and how Rogoff approaches working with a very specific body.

It's also great to read about a before and after experience Mozgala has had with his movement practice. To think that this year-long relationship with Rogoff has changed his everyday movement capabilities is so great and is something that is worth doing. Physical therapy is always an option for people with illnesses or disabilities that affect their physical capacity, but other body practices can have a powerful effect as well based on ideokinetic facilitation (Mozgala refers to a class taught by Rogoff as "experiential anatomy").

This show should be pretty cool and it's coming up! Make a note in your calendar and who knows, there may be a ticket deal in the mix...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KGB Bar Brings Literary Expression and Spirit Together (Again)

The KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, has been happening since 1993 and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. Most days of each month is full of readings and performances for current writers, giving them a voice and a place to use it. Every Monday is a poetry reading, featuring a few poets and of course there is a fabulous bar to relax and enjoy all of the live experiences offered.

This Thursday, Nancy Mauro will be reading as part of the Behind the Book series from 7-9PM. Mauro recently published her first novel and here is a chance to check out her creative voice. She will be reading with Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries as well as 6 other books and Brian DeLeeuw, also a first time author with In This Way I was Saved: a Novel.

Another cool way to get to know Mauro's work is to check out her Page 69 Test. In this blog, authors are asked to open their book to page 69 and talk about how the passage does or does not represent the rest of the work. A nice little nibble for Thursday, I say! So check out the KGB Bar, or go to their website and look at the calendar to see what reading night will match your personal poetic palette.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What do Sonic Youth, La MaMa and Performa 09 all have in common? East 4th Street

The theme of "Cold Water", the exhibiton opening at La MaMa E.T.C.'s Galleria tomorrow, is performers on paper: Musicians and actors channeling their creativity into visual art. The exhibiton was curated by singer-songwriter Justin Bond (some may know him as his drag alter-ego, Kiki from the duo Kiki and Herb) and the New Yorker theater critic Hilton Als.
This show is presenting the talents of Rufus Wainwright, Tilda Swinton, Kate Bornstein, Jemma Nelson, Lady Rizzo, Leslie Thornton and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. All the artists who have participated are "rooted in the East Village, downtown, CBGB's, La MaMa scene."
This show is also part of Performa 09's citywide festival going on through November 22. This festival is dedicated to presenting cutting edge, experimental work from around the world. They have some awesome stuff happening and a whole lot of it too this year, so try to see as much as possible (especially "Cold Water").