Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tamar Rogoff has a blog that's pretty Faun-tastic

"Diagnosis of a Faun" is a show that will be presented at La MaMa E.T.C. from December 3-20. This show will combine the faun and it's interaction with the world of medicine. The faun moves through different relationships with medicine, hospitals, humans and nymphs to find the relationship between art and medicine.

The creator of this show is Tamar Rogoff and she is chronicling her creative process of this work in her blog. Gregg Mozgala is an actor who has been working with Rogoff for over a year and a lot of what Rogoff has gotten in terms of movement vocabulary is based on Mozgala's experience with Cerebral Palsy. There are some cool blog entries about working with Mozgala in a movement-based way. It's great to read Mozgala's experience of movement and how Rogoff approaches working with a very specific body.

It's also great to read about a before and after experience Mozgala has had with his movement practice. To think that this year-long relationship with Rogoff has changed his everyday movement capabilities is so great and is something that is worth doing. Physical therapy is always an option for people with illnesses or disabilities that affect their physical capacity, but other body practices can have a powerful effect as well based on ideokinetic facilitation (Mozgala refers to a class taught by Rogoff as "experiential anatomy").

This show should be pretty cool and it's coming up! Make a note in your calendar and who knows, there may be a ticket deal in the mix...

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