Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KGB Bar Brings Literary Expression and Spirit Together (Again)

The KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, has been happening since 1993 and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. Most days of each month is full of readings and performances for current writers, giving them a voice and a place to use it. Every Monday is a poetry reading, featuring a few poets and of course there is a fabulous bar to relax and enjoy all of the live experiences offered.

This Thursday, Nancy Mauro will be reading as part of the Behind the Book series from 7-9PM. Mauro recently published her first novel and here is a chance to check out her creative voice. She will be reading with Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries as well as 6 other books and Brian DeLeeuw, also a first time author with In This Way I was Saved: a Novel.

Another cool way to get to know Mauro's work is to check out her Page 69 Test. In this blog, authors are asked to open their book to page 69 and talk about how the passage does or does not represent the rest of the work. A nice little nibble for Thursday, I say! So check out the KGB Bar, or go to their website and look at the calendar to see what reading night will match your personal poetic palette.

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