Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest Blog #8: Art Cart NYC™ Loves Duncan Malashock

Duncan Malashock, 

Godseye 2 (Video Still), 

Digital Video, 2009

Artist we’re into- Duncan Malashock
Meet Duncan, a new media artist who will be participating in Neon SeductionOriginally from San Diego, California, Duncan earned a BA from Bard College in Integrated Arts. He will be exhibiting his digital video, Godseye 2, with Art Cart NYC™. Using luminescent color, geometric shape, and ambient noise, his video work has a magnetic power to entrance the viewer. 

Duncan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, and is a member of online art collective Computers Club. You can check out his portfolio here.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest Blog #7: Art Cart NYC™ Loves Corey D'Augustine

Light Pile, 2009 
Installation at  The Parlour, 2009 

 (Images courtesy the artist)

Artist we’re into-Corey D’Augustine 
Meet Corey, a multimedia artist whose pile of fluorescent lights will be illuminating the interior of our art cart! Raised in Maine, Corey studied art history and conservation at the Institute for Fine Arts, and now teaches at Pratt University and MoMA. He has also made a name for himself exhibiting his work throughout the NYC art community and abroad. He participated in “Silicon Valley” at PS1 and “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” at Cabinet.
We took particular interest in Corey after his recurring participation in The Parlour, a “nomadic curatorial project” founded by Ciara Gilmartin and Leslie Rosa-Stumpf in 2008. The Parlour pops up in a new home for each exhibition, so you can imagine our delight to discover Corey’s piece, Light Pile, not only in the white cube gallery space, but also on display on a rooftop garden. The site specific installation activates each space it inhabits and takes on a new identity as external factors change.
Discover how the installation evolves when the Light Pile takes up residence in the truck.
Until then, you can take a look at more of Corey’s work here.
-Art Cart NYC™

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guest Blog #6: Art Cart NYC™ Loves Erin Wahed

Artist we’re into- Erin Wahed.

Meet Erin Wahed, the first artist to be included in the Neon Seduction Show. Though raised in Canada, Erin has been an East Village resident for a number of years. She recently graduated from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, where she studied photography. Erin’s future as an artist is bright, with gallery shows in Chelsea and Montreal already behind her and upcoming exhibitions in the fall. She manipulates found objects and scenes in her photography to create what she calls “hybrid subjects.” Erin’s work exemplifies the feeling of the East Village today; It synthesizes the raw, experimental aesthetic of the ’80s art scene with the chic and glamorous face of the revitalized neighborhood.

A clip from her statement reads:

Allow yourself to be confused.
Macro, line, shape and color inspire my work.
There is no subject.
I combine photographs.
I de-compose.
I adjust.
I experient.
Look differently.
Steer away from assumptions.

The enemy of photography is the convention…
The salvation of photography
comes from the experiment.
-Lázló Moholy-Nagy

Erin Wahed 2010

To learn more about Erin, check out our artist page for a link to her website. -Art Cart NYC™

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stripes: The Mystery Circus at FringeNYC

Come and see Sarah Hayward in the final performance of her solo show, Stripes: the Mystery Circus at FringeNYC. It's this Saturday at 7:15pm at Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce St., West Village.
In Stripes: the Mystery Circus, people-pleasing Pollyhymnia, who will do anything to get into the circus. She brazenly re-invents eight iconic circus acts including: The Escape Artist, The High Wired Act and The Bittersweet Bearded Lady. Secret theories, mysteries and Leonard Cohen are just a few of Pollyhymnia’s passions. In this metaphysical musical, Pollyhymnia finds her way through song, memories and sheer determination.

"Stripes: The Mystery Circus benefits from an engaging performer and a unique premise…What ensues is a series of songs, stories, and comic bits that aim to show that life is a circus, and we're all performers in striped costumes…."    Meredith Lee, Theatermania

Check out more about Sarah and her NYC adventures in Sarah's blog or on her website!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Picking Palin! FringeNYC Stage Manager Jessica Pollack Reviews

As a stage manager, I'm usually one of the last people hired on a show.  The cast is already in place, the first time I see the script is a few days before rehearsal starts, and the first time I hear any of the words on the page out loud is at the first rehearsal after design presentations.  Not so with Picking Palin, written and directed by Stephen Padilla and debuting as part of this year's New York Fringe Festival at the Connelly Theater.  I was fortunate enough to come on board Palin during the casting process as a casting assistant, which has made my experience with the show a unique one.    

While Picking Palin explores the truth behind how and why Sarah Palin came to be the Republican Vice Presidential pick in 2008, it became clear during auditions that at just the mention of Sarah Palin's name, many people expected the play to be a send-up and a parody of Sarah Palin (some even expected a musical) rather than what it is -- a fly-on-the wall experience that lets audience members into a hotel room with four top Republican strategists as they come to a fascinating decision on John McCain's running mate days before the pick must be announced. 

Beginning with finding a cast that can transport the audience into that room, it's been an exciting journey watching them bring the words in the script to life to open a window on a story that audiences have never before seen.  If you're looking for an experience far more captivating and moving than a "Springtime for Sarah" send-up, and one that will stay with you long after you've left the theater, check out the website at

Playing @ Connelly Theatre: Sat 21 @ 9:45  Wed 25 @ 9:30  Sat 28 @ NOON  
Buy Tickets at   

Friday, August 13, 2010

Opening Tonight!!! ***Take a Spiritual and Wacky Ride with “Omarys Concepcion Lopez Perez Goes to Israel (to Speak to God at the Wailing Wall)."

Written and Performed by Leila Arias
Catch the New York Premiere at The New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC August 13th - 29th, 2010
Creator/Performer Leila Arias returns to the New York International Fringe Festival with the New York premiere of her multi-character solo comedy show, “Omarys Concepcion Lopez Perez Goes to Israel (to Speak to God at the Wailing Wall).”Omarys is a Persian/Puerto Rican Catholic girl from the Bronx who desperately needs to speak with God. When her father grants her the birthday present of her dreams, a pilgrimage to Israel, she never imagines that her spiritual journey will start with a lie. Forced to pretend a handicap so they can fly first class proves only the beginning, as Omarys wades through a cast of characters who both help and hinder her progress towards a conversation with God at the Wailing Wall.Although actress Leila Arias has been traveling the world since the age of 5, it was her trip to Israel that would transform her life. Inspired by Jerusalem and the people she met there, Leila wanted to create a one-woman play to capture and share her experience with others. The result is a passionate and heartfelt comedy show that offers a unique global perspective wrapped into a neat 40 minute bow. “Omarys Concepcion Lopez Perez Goes to Israel (to Speak to God at the Wailing Wall)” marks Leila’s second appearance at FringeNYC.

For more info, excerpts from the show and tickets, please go to;
Six performances; Friday 8/13 @ 5 p.m., Sunday 8/15 @ 1 p.m., Monday 8/16 @ 9 p.m., Friday 8/20 @ 10:30 p.m., Sunday 8/22 @ 7:30 p.m., Sunday 8/29 @ 3 p.m.!!!! The Players Loft Theatre -- 115 MacDougal St., 3rd Fl. @ West 3rd NYC 10012.