Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest Blog #7: Art Cart NYC™ Loves Corey D'Augustine

Light Pile, 2009 
Installation at  The Parlour, 2009 

 (Images courtesy the artist)

Artist we’re into-Corey D’Augustine 
Meet Corey, a multimedia artist whose pile of fluorescent lights will be illuminating the interior of our art cart! Raised in Maine, Corey studied art history and conservation at the Institute for Fine Arts, and now teaches at Pratt University and MoMA. He has also made a name for himself exhibiting his work throughout the NYC art community and abroad. He participated in “Silicon Valley” at PS1 and “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” at Cabinet.
We took particular interest in Corey after his recurring participation in The Parlour, a “nomadic curatorial project” founded by Ciara Gilmartin and Leslie Rosa-Stumpf in 2008. The Parlour pops up in a new home for each exhibition, so you can imagine our delight to discover Corey’s piece, Light Pile, not only in the white cube gallery space, but also on display on a rooftop garden. The site specific installation activates each space it inhabits and takes on a new identity as external factors change.
Discover how the installation evolves when the Light Pile takes up residence in the truck.
Until then, you can take a look at more of Corey’s work here.
-Art Cart NYC™

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