Thursday, October 22, 2009

East 4th Street voted Best Block in NYC!

The Village Voice was gracious enough to award the East 4th Street Cultural District as the Best Block in NYC! We on the block are doing our little victory dances because this block is awesome. It's no secret to us who spend our time here all the fun there is happening on the block, and now you can get in on the good times too.

If you go to Fourth Art Block's website, you can check out all the events happening on the block as well as information about the restaurants and local businesses housed right here on East 4th Street, between Bowery and 2nd Ave. And, you can even get some discounts if you look up FAB (shopping, eating, drinking, theater tickets, the list goes on!).

And we weren't the only lucky ones to get some attention from the Village Voice, our neighbors at Plantworks received the Best Plant Shop award. Recycle-a-Bicycle, a company we recently collaborated with to bring our ArtUp exhibition "Cycle", currently on display won Best Way to Reincarnate Your Two-Wheeler.

As you can plainly see, the Lower East Side is a place to be. Come see for yourself, and soon!

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