Monday, August 2, 2010

3boys: Dogs Take a Bite Out of the Fringe

The Fringe Festival is touching down on 4th Street this August.  We at FAB thought it'd be cool to get some of the shows talking about what they're doing.  They'll be posting guest blogs right here on the FAB Feed throughout the Fringe Festival!  Check it out and be sure to get your Fringe Tickets Fast!

By Katie Chambers, Producer of 3boys
Ever wonder if your dog feels degraded by the name “Fifi”?  Do you think he really likes wearing that pink poofy sweater to the park every day?  These are the kinds of questions that ran through playwright Becca Schlossberg’s head as she stared at her dog and wondered whether, in reality, he was less of a family member and more of a slave.  Take those philosophical musings, add a dash of social commentary and a whole lot of darkness and you have 3boys­, the riveting and blackly humorous drama premiering at FringeNYC on August 13.

In 3boys, two older dogs teach a young pup the ropes of the human world and how they must obey the whacky rules set by man in order to survive.  Sure, it’s a play about talking dogs, but it’s no Saturday morning cartoon.  The dogs’ relationships with one another crumble under the weight of the limitations humans have set upon them—society literally beats their natural animal desires right out of them, forcing them into an image of domesticated “perfection.”  Sound familiar?  3boys is a modern Aesop’s fable about masculininty and gay rights, and how a society’s ideals of right and wrong can often do more harm than good.

3boys is created, produced, designed, and performed by a group of Drew University alums who are dedicated to telling stories that matter and who are taking New York by storm.  It’s not just a bunch of 20-somethings dressing as puppies—they hired a fight choreographer who wrestled an attack dog for research.  They mean business.

If you like your theatre short, dark, weird, violent, profane, and meaningful, come downtown to the 4th Street Theatre between August 13th and 28th to play with the 3boys—we’ll try not to bite.   Dates and tickets are at