Monday, August 9, 2010

Strange Love's Journey Across the Galaxy

By Jorge J. Rodríguez
Producer, The Contasia Players

On the planet Contasia, the evil worm Dr. Roswald Tuscanunin has kidnapped the alien princess
Splontusia to use her as a test subject for his diabolical “mean” serum. As she plots her revenge,
a strange love begins to brew in the beakers of Dr. T's mad science laboratory! But before they
can slither off into the sunset, their love is challenged by past romances that come back to haunt

Strange Love in Outer Space is a new sci-fi musical traumedy by 12-year-old playwright Janyia
Antrum. Currently a seventh-grader at New Haven’s Wexler-Grant Community School, Janyia
wrote the first part of Strange Love during the 2009 Dwight/Edgewood Project (D/EP), an after-
school playwriting program at Yale Repertory Theatre/Yale School of Drama that’s modeled
after the 52nd Street Project. She created the characters and crafted the world of the play over the
D/EP camping retreat. In just two days, she had imagined a whole new universe! When she got
home, she realized that her story wasn’t over yet and that same night, she wrote a sequel. A few
months later, Yale Cabaret commissioned her to write part three, and the trilogy premiered as
part of the their 42nd season, playing to sold-out audiences.

The Contasia Players, a group of students and graduates from Yale School of Drama, are now
proud to present the New York City premiere of Strange Love in Outer Space at FringeNYC!

If you enjoy zany musicals, sci-fi epics or romantic comedies (or all!), join us at The Cherry Pit
for a performance of Strange Love (Venue #14, 155 Bank Street). Five performances only—
8/14 at 2:15pm, 8/17 at 10:30pm, 8/19 at 8pm, 8/21 at 5:30pm, and 8/23 at 4pm. For more
information and tickets, visit:

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