Thursday, August 6, 2009

People don't know how we say things... yet.

Chris D: So The Pumpkin Pie Show, Commencement
Samantha W: Yes! At Under St. Marks. Presented by Horsetrade Theater Group.
C: Yes!
S: Si! (british accent) It was my first time at Under St. Marks, at all!
C: ...
S: We're PERFECT for each other! Why do I have to be the douche?
C: You're not! We're the perfect couple! of douchebags. The show! the show was great!
S: I liked how the performer, Hanna Cheek, greeted everyone in the audience and thanked them for coming.
C: The atmosphere was totally welcoming and warm.
S: And the beer was totally foamy.
C: but cheap! and good. I wouldn't expect anything less from Horsetrade.
S: Welcoming, warm, cheap, and good.
C: And foamy... The house was packed, too. That's always good.
S: Why are we still talking in british accents?
C: True.

(they clear their throats)

S: backpedal for a second. We are not critics.
C: and this is not a revue.
S: buuuuut, Hanna's performance was amazing and Clay McLeod Chapman's writing was superb.
C: This was our first time seeing the long running Pumpkin Pie Show, and I hear that this performance was a little different from their normal productions.
S: (back to british) Namely, the absence of Clay!
C: (ahem) the onstage presence, anyway.
S: Pip pip.
C: I want to mention that this production is traveling to Edmonton for the final stop of the Canadian Fringe Festival before returning to New York sometime this Fall.
S: Check out Horsetrade's website for any updates and details and whatnot.

(silence. We hear construction workers drilling into the walls of P.S. 122)

C: Pip pip.

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