Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Collective Arts Think Tank brings you...the Sustainable Avant-Garde

A group of producers, organizers, artists, grant-writers and one critic have come together to create the blog, Collective Arts Think Tank that is meant to aid we makers of New York to create work for a long time. The blog went up this past Thursday and is written by Jennifer Wright Cook from The Field, Vallejo Gantner from Performance Space 122 (one of FAB's Affiliate Members!), Aaron Landsman from Thinaar and Elevator Repair Service, Sheila Lewandowski from the Chocolate Factory, Carla Peterson from Dance Theater Workshop, Brian Rogers from the Chocolate Factory and Morgan von Prelle Pecelli from The Lost Notebook and Performance Space 122.

This blog was born from a few meetings the above group had and they have hit the ground running. Their first post is an inventory of approaches and recommendations to the art/money debacle associated with the strife of being a 21st century artist attempting to live in New York, make work AND get people to come out and see what you're doing. In so many words, it is a struggle and this think tank is dedicated to finding the "systemic problems facing the field of contemporary live performance" and doing something about it.

This is a common preoccupation and when talking with a group of artists (or people involved in the art world in some way) the conversation will inevitably shift to the business, money-making aspect of their art. This will induce groaning, forehead slapping and 'whatever are we to do' statements with the usual consensus being things need to be changed. Perhaps the time has come. With this blog, you can become a part of the creative think tank with your comments and experiences. The writers want this to be the
"beginning of a dynamic and strategic dialogue that speaks to our mutual passion and commitment to a thriving community of artists, audience and advocates."

It certainly sounds divine.
Lets make it happen.

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