Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clever words, to be sure.

Hola, amigos! Como estan Ustedes? Yo soy bien, gracias! No tengo un novia, y a veces estoy triste. Pero, Time Out New York Dice a yo es muy bueno! Ahora, todos las chicas de el East Village quieren "to bone" yo! Ok, I don't really speak spanish (yet I remain impressed with myself for coming up with that on my own!) and I'm fairly certain that all of the East Village ladies do NOT want to bone me because I was in a tiny back section of a magazine.

Now that we've cleared that up, I am the aforementioned, Chris: an equally excited participant in this lovely little FAB blog/dating experiment. Thought I'd drop a line and check in with you all before I start heading out to FABulous (get it?) dates in the near future.

It's been a week since the magazine with my goofy, incredibly young looking face graced news stands all over the city and I've had scarce response. The day began with a couple of goof e-mails from friends and co-workers suggesting that we date and offering up foot fetish stories. It appeared that this was going to be an embarrassing experience. So I decided to take some action regarding my self-esteem, and reach out to Samantha W. She was also being featured in the article and it seemed to make plenty of sense to share and comiserate with someone. My e-mail read as follows:

Hi Samantha,

I saw your profile in Time Out NY today and thought, "well there's someone I've got quite a bit in common with right there! I should e-mail her."
Then I thought, "Nah, Chris, you're creepy. your profile just went out too. wait until somebody contacts you!"
Then I ate breakfast
After Breakfast I thought, "Just e-mail her. what's the worst that happens? she gets to be a famous actor and holds a mysterious grudge against you, barring your professional career in the process."

So, at the risk of ruining my theatrical career, I reach out to you. Because at the very least, it'd be nice to know how someone else is handling being a famous East Villager for a day. And at the very most, well, I've already shared with you how dangerous my imagination could be.


-Chris D

It went over well! We saw Harry Potter yesterday and had a great time. So at least I won't be offering FABulous (nudge nudge) tickets to Fourth Arts Block performances to strange women on the street all the time. Now, there will be another character in this blog who I didn't make up! Hooray potential companionship!

First couple of shows are coming up in the coming weeks. I'll keep you all posted once they happen. In the meantime, au revoir!

-Chris D

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