Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something to Look Forward To

This past Wednesday, Time Out New York released their most recent issue that featured a complete guide towards the places to eat, drink, shop, view, and generally "recapture cool" in the East Village. It's about time everyone else knew how great the East Village is and all the hidden wonders it has to offer.

Time Out not only highlighted this vibrant neighborhood, but also chose an artist from East 4th Street as one of their East Villagers to date! That's right, Chris, who is the associate technical director for the New York Neo-Futurists is single and searching with the help of Time Out. Chris will be going out on blind dates, and we thought that it would be great if he kept us in the loop as to how his romantic adventures in the East Village were going by joining our blog.

We are going to find Chris some fun events and performances to see right here on East 4th Street, with the help of our fantastic members. After the date, Chris will write on this very blog all about his date and all about his East 4th Street cultural experience.

We at FAB are really excited that Chris is letting us in on his East Village escapades, and we hope that you all enjoy reading about his adventures. Perhaps he'll give you some good ideas about what you should be coming to the block and seeing. At least you know you can look forward to a new blogger and his clever words right here on the FAB Feed.

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