Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Men Shopping Extravaganza

Pride Goes East is excited to invite all the men (or women who are buying for men or like male clothing) to an event filled with fashionable and rare shopping, liquor and an after party at Dixon Place with the BTK Band, NYC's improvised storytelling rock band who in their celebration of Pride will be known as the BTGay Band! Gentlemen's Night Out starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm on Thursday June 24th. Prizes will be given out to the first few individuals who buy $50 or more at each store.

Get a head start on your fall wardrobe at Gentlemen's Night Out with my selection of some of the most fashionable jackets from the Lower East Side.

One of the stores participating is well-tailored designs By Robert James who "aims to make every man feel who wears his clothing feel as handsome as the clothes themselves" which means that every man who shops here will be leaving looking extremely handsome. Check out this photo of Robert James' The Washington jacket.

Another store is Any Old Iron which specializes in rare and UK-specific mensware clothing. This store is the first of its kind in Manhattan. Check out this Green Tonic jacket, I know it is on my wish list for the fall! I love unique clothing stores like this. Come and help bring Euro fashions to the city and the Lower East Side at Gentlemen's Night Out.

If your style is more punk rock check out The Cast who specializes in denim, leather and t-shirt designs with a harder edge. This store is cutting edge with an '80s punk influence. Check out this hot vintage leather jacket.

Vintage-inspired Kai D Utility offers designs that he says are inspired by "wisdom". Every pocket and accessory are placed in the exact and most logical location. This store is perfect for the intellectual and philosophical man. Clean lines and cool colors offer a pristine look well suited for any chic man. Check out this sophisticated jacket from Kai D Utility.

Whether you are shopping for a well-tailored design, Euro fashion, Punk Rock/Vintage clothing or clothing for the sophisticated and wise attend Gentlemen's Night Out to meet your fashion needs. Visit all the stores and get drink tickets for the BTGay show at Dixon Place for the after-party. Make this event a must-do to kick off your Pride weekend.

Peace, Love and Fashion,
Matt Elliott

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