Monday, June 21, 2010

An Event of Good Fortune

It was a night of grand fortune and posh surroundings. The Fourth Arts Block Benefit, Year of the Tiger, was such a huge success sitting on top of the Cooper Square Hotel's Penthouse looking out onto the glowing city. It excited my southern mindset and I knew that I was a long way from home. As the Knickerbocker Village blog says I felt like "I was sitting on top of the world". Check out his blog on the benefit to see his wonderful slide show. This slide show has pictures to see the view if you missed the event or have trouble remember the what happened because was a wonderful night filled with generous amounts of drinking and socializing.

Coming from Lexington, KY I have never attend an event of such grand proportions. FAB sure knows how to throw a party with southern hospitality: open bars, hors d'oeuvres, dancing and people dressed in their finest apparel. I was so excited to have the opportunity to make reservations and work the line for the fortune tellers. By working the line I met all kinds of wonderful New Yorkers, who are not mean like we are told they are in Kentucky!

The fortune tellers did a magnificent job, people left their readings with goose-bumps and with information to help guide them on their path. FAB covered all the bases of fortune telling from the stars to the cards to the palms. Several individuals made the rounds to all the fortune tellers. No secret was left untold at this party and people's fortunes were made clear.

Sporting my bright pink jacket I felt like I got to be a small part in making this colorful event more colorful. Sidra Bell's Dance company filled the space with color through movement and extravagant costumes.

Tamara, Lauren, Laurel and the multitude of volunteers help create an event that will be remembered in the stars and you can hire Kevin the Astrologer to find the FAB: Year of the Tiger constellation. I predict an even more spectacular benefit.

To see some of FAB's pictures of the evening check it out on our flickr account. FAB would like to express great gratitude for A Ruiz Photography for his spectacular job in capturing the memories of the night.

Thanks for being a part of these memorable evening!

Matt Elliott
FAB's newest intern


  1. Dear Matt:

    Please credit A Ruiz, Associate Artistic Director of DMAC-Duo Multicultural Arts Center, a founding member organization of FAB and a terrific photographer for the pics.


    Michelangelo Alasa'
    FAB, Chair

  2. Thank you Michelangelo Alasa For the reminder! I have posted a link to his biography and updated the blog post. I am so glad that you caught this because credit is definitely needed for this spectacular photographer and founder of this organization!


    Matt Elliott