Friday, May 7, 2010

This Blog is Pretty Cool.

So, we just found this blog that is is doing something pretty interesting.  This actor, Anna, has given herself the challenge of seeing one play every week for one whole year.  This is a good goal to have to begin with.  Many of us here at FAB are also involved in the performing arts and between rehearsals, techs and our own shows it can be difficult to get out and see the other work that is happening.  So, kudow Anna!

Secondly, Anna has chosen to share this challenge with the world by writing about every show that she sees, giving the rest of us insight into shows that we maybe would have missed out on in the first place.  This past week, Anna went to see the much discussed Gin & "It" at Performance Space 122.  Everything that I have heard about this show sounds wonderful, creative and bizarre.

Gin & "It", by Reid Farrington, takes its inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's film, Rope.  This film used certain camera choreography to make the entire film appear to be one long take.  This is a feat within itself, and for Farrington to create this on stage is ambitious to be sure.

You can read more about the show on Anna's Blog:  A Year of Plays and I would say that you should keep going back to it since her view seems to be smart and in tune with the shows that she's seeing.  Also, be sure to get your tickets to Performance Space 122's Gin & "It" since the last performance is Sunday, May 9th!

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