Thursday, May 20, 2010

La MaMa Moves! Festival & Benefit

La MaMa is bringing back their dance festival this summer along with a benefit honoring Sara Rudner and Laurie Uprichard.  Both of these women have made wonderful contributions to the dance world: Sara with her undeniable grace and beauty in movement and Laurie for her international support and outreach to other dance communities.
The line up for the benefit is impressive: Rocky Bornstein - Robert Een - Doug Elkins - John Kelly - Jon Kinzel - Jodi Melnick - Rashaun Mitchell - Quarry Film by Meredith Monk - David Neumann - Bill Ruyle - John Scott  and Vicky Shick.  Sara Rudner herself will also be performing with her collaborators--definitely not something you would want to miss.
You can buy tickets here, and do so if you can!  It'll be a lot of fun and is for a great cause:  La MaMa E.T.C. is an institution for performance that has been giving opportunities to many artists for almost 50 years. 
 The festival itself is also hosting scores of talents from all different areas of dance.  Each day has a theme to it, including Mavericks in Motion, Dancing Divas and a showcase of NYU alums.  The festival runs from June 3rd-20th and definitely has something in store for everyone.

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