Thursday, August 6, 2009

People don't know how we say things... yet.

Chris D: So The Pumpkin Pie Show, Commencement
Samantha W: Yes! At Under St. Marks. Presented by Horsetrade Theater Group.
C: Yes!
S: Si! (british accent) It was my first time at Under St. Marks, at all!
C: ...
S: We're PERFECT for each other! Why do I have to be the douche?
C: You're not! We're the perfect couple! of douchebags. The show! the show was great!
S: I liked how the performer, Hanna Cheek, greeted everyone in the audience and thanked them for coming.
C: The atmosphere was totally welcoming and warm.
S: And the beer was totally foamy.
C: but cheap! and good. I wouldn't expect anything less from Horsetrade.
S: Welcoming, warm, cheap, and good.
C: And foamy... The house was packed, too. That's always good.
S: Why are we still talking in british accents?
C: True.

(they clear their throats)

S: backpedal for a second. We are not critics.
C: and this is not a revue.
S: buuuuut, Hanna's performance was amazing and Clay McLeod Chapman's writing was superb.
C: This was our first time seeing the long running Pumpkin Pie Show, and I hear that this performance was a little different from their normal productions.
S: (back to british) Namely, the absence of Clay!
C: (ahem) the onstage presence, anyway.
S: Pip pip.
C: I want to mention that this production is traveling to Edmonton for the final stop of the Canadian Fringe Festival before returning to New York sometime this Fall.
S: Check out Horsetrade's website for any updates and details and whatnot.

(silence. We hear construction workers drilling into the walls of P.S. 122)

C: Pip pip.

I know who you are

Samantha W here.

After recieving Chris' first email I wrote back. We spent the day on gchat and made plans for coffee the following Monday. Luckily for me, I didn't have to wait that long to meet him. (teehee) He ended up sneak attacking me at P.S. 122 the very next day under the guise of seeing one of the shows that was a part of the undergroundzero festival. He walked in with a somewhat sheepish expression not unlike the one in the magazine, with the telltale Devil's hat atop his head. So I smiled and said, "I know who you are."

Long story short, we didn't have to wait until Monday to have our first date. We met, we laughed, we decided we didn't need to keep checking our TONY personals email. And we decided to join forces and blog together about the wonderful shows made available to us by the amazing people at Fourth Arts Block.