Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet the Street in Full Swing

Here at Fourth Arts Block, we are in full planning mode to get everything pulled together for the Meet the Street Festivals. For three weekends in June, we will be hosting art, family, performance, games, food, and shopping out in the open of the block in the sunny summer afternoons. June 6 is devoted to Teens art and creation chock full of teen bands and shows presenting their own work. June 13 is geared toward adult art with theater, dance, and music performances all afternoon long. June 27 is all about Pride in NYC, and we're showing our Gay Pride here on the East Side with cabaret shows, films and a costume sale. This is in conjunction with Pride Goes East, which will be a weeklong celebration with tons of events from not only FAB, but the Lower East Side Business Improvement District (more of that to come!).

We are really excited about these festivals because they will not only help you get to know what we have to offer on East 4th Street, but you can find a new neighborhood to connect with. The Lower East Side is the home of innovative and renegade artists and these weekends are meant to celebrate that. So stop by to watch some short films, make some chalk art, eat some great food, see some performing, shop our delightful boutiques, and see what summertime with the arts is all about.

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